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Manufacturers of Timing Pulley[MXL,XL,L,H,XH,XXH,3M,5M,8M,10M,14M,20M,T2.5,T5,T10] manufactured from quality materials, viz. Ferrous and Non-ferrous (Steel and Aluminum Alloys Material as BSW-4548-1970; DIN 7721) and or as per customer's drawing & different Standards. Product is much comparable with other leading manufacturers of positive drive pulley (Timing Pulley) viz. Gates, Uniroyal, Bando, Brewton, Mulco, Poggy, Flendre, Maurau, etc.

We also provide the Timming Pulleys as per the part number of different make and model. Send us the details of your Machine / Engines Details with Part Number.

The combination of economy, efficiency and superior performance is utilised for so many different way that the range of applications are virtually limitless. Timming belts are basically flat belts with a series of evenly spaced teeth on the inside cirumference there by combining the advantages of the flat belt with positive grip features of chain and gears.

The drive employ the positive engagement of two sets of meshing teeth hence, they do not slip and there is no relative motion between the tow elements in meshing condition. Thus maintaining a constant speed ratio. The positive nature of these drive makes them capable of transmitting large torque and withstanding large acceleration.

Applications of Timing Pulleys

Timing Pulleys are widely used in various equipments where timing of both the drive are precious and the display ratio is important. Some applications are given below..

  • Display Equipment,
  • Dispensing Equipment,
  • Instrumentation,
  • Projection Equipment,
  • Measuring Devices,
  • Medical Equipment,
  • Appliances, Sweepers,
  • Sewing Machines,
  • Office Equipment,
  • Wood Lathes,
  • Band Saws, etc.
  • Light Package,
  • Screens,
  • Drums Conical,
  • Agitators for Liquids,
  • Dough Mixers,
  • Drill Press,
  • Lathe,
  • Screw Machines jointers,
  • Circular Saws Planers,
  • Laundry Machinery,
  • Paper Machinery (except pulpers),
  • Timing Printing Machinery,
  • Agitators for semi liquids,
  • Brick Machinery (except pug mills),
  • Sand,
  • Line shafts,
  • Machine Tools : Grinder,
  • Shaper,
  • Boring Mill,
  • Milling Machines,
  • Pumps : Centrifugal,
  • Gear,
  • Rotary,
  • Pipeline,
  • Screens;
  • Vibrating cam type,
  • Textile : Warpers,
  • Reels, Compressor : Centrifugal,
  • Pan,
  • Bucket,
  • Elevator,
  • Timing Extractors,

  • Washers,
  • Fans,
  • Blowers : Centrifugal induced draft exhausters Generators & Exciters,
  • Hoists Elevators,
  • Rubber Clander,
  • Extruders,
  • Saw Mill Machinery,
  • Textile Machinery : Looms,
  • Spinning frames,
  • Twisters,
  • Centrifuges,
  • Screw,
  • Hammer,
  • Mills,
  • Paper Pulpers,
  • Brick & Clay pug Mills,
  • Fans,
  • Blowers,
  • Propeller Mine Fans,
  • Positive Blower

Services Overview

The company is involved in manufacturing various power transmission products. We have lots of verity timing Pulley Like MXL, XL, L, XH, XXH, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 20M, T2.5, T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10 and AT20 etc., Gears and other engineering component.

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